AstroMike Gordon & his own space

AstroMike Gordon & his own space

AstroMike Gordon is a nice young man from Malmö (Sweden). His style is true Scandinavian and filigreed . If you adore cozy minimalism and the beauty of cold emptiness, you will get a lot of pleasure and inspiration from AstroMike music. By the way, in real life AsrtoMike Gordon is an alter-ego of Cristoffer Csanady, great musician who plays solo or in a band. Eatmusic had a small interview with Cristoffer and asked him a few questions about his Russian mini-tour.

EM: Hello, Mike! We are pleased to congratulate you with your second arrival to Russia. How do you feel about it? What do you expect from this tour?
AstroMike Gordon: I´m glad to be back. Last time was a wonderful and weird experience. This time I´m playing solo so I’m doing a different set and I can´t wait to show it to an audience.

EM: When we saw your photos for the first time, it was like: «Wow! He looks like young Bryan Ferry!». Then we listened to your songs and had a feeling that David Bowie inspired you very much. What singers & bands had influence on you?
AstroMike Gordon: Of course David Bowie is one of my inspirations. But I pick up a little bit of everything from every artist I listen to. Mostly I try not to think about it when I write music. But when I listen to my recordings I can hear a bit of Bowie, Talking Heads, Frank Sinatra and Jeff Buckley.

EM: What’s the difference between European and Russian public? Do you feel it or not?
AstroMike Gordon: Yes, I see a big difference between every country I’ve played in. In Russia people seem to be more honest. They won´t lie to you if they didn´t like the gig which makes the positive feedback more trustworthy. Also people seem to more serious at concerts. I like it, it suits my mood.

EM: How come that you work with Masha Bender? Do you plan any other interesting projects together in future?
AstroMike Gordon: Masha saw me play in Berlin a couple of years ago and wanted to work with me. Our first project together was actually my last tour in Russia. We plan to do a longer tour in Germany in November with the whole band. But we are always planning something together.

EM: Typical Russian question: what do you like in Russian culture after your first time in Russia and long period of waiting to return here?
AstroMike Gordon: Typical Swedish diplomatic answer! Hard to say after only a few visits. No seriously, I´m impressed by the way people help each other out in Russia. The last time I came here I felt that everyone took care of us, giving us rides between gigs, letting us stay in their apartments, cooking us food. In Sweden people wouldn´t let strangers stay in their apartments.

EM: What places are you gonna visit in Moscow and St.P?
AstroMike Gordon: Sadly I don´t think I will have much time. But I would of course like to revisit the hermitage. But mostly I think I will enjoy smoking indoors. It’s not allowed in Sweden anymore.

EM: The slogan of our website is «Eat & Listen!». What Russian dish do you adore? And what kind of music is tasty for you right now?
AstroMike Gordon: Wow, I really don´t know anything about Russian food. But then again my interest in food isn´t that big in general. Right now I´ve been listening a lot to the early Leonard Cohen records. I often revisit music from the 60´s. There is something about that decade that I can´t get enough of.

EM: What would you like to wish our readers and your fans?
AstroMike Gordon: I would like to thank everyone who ever enjoyed my music in any form. It’s still an absurd feeling to make something up and have people listening to it and reacting to it, maybe even analysing it. I´m still getting used to it. I really hope to see as many as possible at my concerts.

Join AstroMike Gordon on Facebook & on VK and come to see him playing live on 12th, August in Saint Petersburg and on 14th, August in Moscow.

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Astro_Mike: In space, everyone can hear you tweet

By SETH BORENSTEIN , AP Science Writer

(AP) — On Twitter, messages of 140 characters may seem confining. Mike Massimino is finding a different type of space even more limiting — outer space.

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The astronaut is sending messages to the social networking site from 350 miles above Earth on the space shuttle Atlantis — and what’s cramping his «tweets» is time, not the character limit.

On Earth, Massimino tweeted about having dinner, eating lunch, working out in the gym and watching a movie. In space, he just doesn’t have the time to tweet the routine, if you consider anything on orbit routine.

He averaged about four tweets a day before launch. Now that he’s in orbit, it’s down to one a day.

Still, Astro-Mike, which is Massimino’s Twitter name, did make history.

He’s the first person to tweet from space: «From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!»

Massimino’s messages, promoted by NASA, are part of the space agency’s full-throttle embrace of new social media. There are 36 NASA Twitter accounts, including Massimino’s. NASA also has 24 Facebook accounts, 13 YouTube channels, eight Flickr photo accounts, and five MySpace sites.

Astronauts’ most memorable lines have always been pithy and tweetworthy. Neil Armstrong’s «That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind» was 57 characters — if you leave out the «a» that Armstrong later said he included before «man.» And Apollo 13 astronaut James A. Lovell’s «Houston we’ve had a problem» is only 27.

The Astro-Mike tweets come to Earth indirectly. He sends them in e-mails to Johnson Space Center in Houston and officials there post them. More than 270,000 people have signed up to follow his tweets.

On May 10 from Earth, Astro-Mike tweeted that he wouldn’t be able to do much twittering from orbit because his real job is to fix the Hubble Space Telescope with his fellow astronauts in a series of five daring spacewalks. And he was right.

«The work he needs to do as a member of the Atlantis crew and a spacewalker supersedes Twitter,» NASA spokesman Bill Jeffs said Thursday.

So in three days, Astro-Mike has tweeted just three times. That’s as much as he tweeted in just 20 minutes on May 7 where he reported on watching a movie, being in quarantine and learning how to use his camera.

In addition to the one praising launch, Massimino tweeted from orbit about chasing down Hubble on Wednesday: «From orbit: Getting more accustomed to living in space today and getting ready for our big rendezvous with Hubble.»

And on Thursday, about grabbing Hubble the previous day: «From orbit: Rendezvous and grapple were great, getting ready for our first spacewalk.»

The tweets may get more scarce. The 46-year-old Massimino is spacewalking Friday and Sunday.

If his tweets leave you wanting more, NASA’s official Twitter account gives almost a blow-by-blow account of spacewalks.

The commander of the next shuttle flight, Mark Polansky, is going to try to out-tweet Massimino. Not only will he use Twitter, but he is now using YouTube to solicit questions to answer from space next month.

This fits in with the social media plans of NASA, an agency that tweets more often than it launches rockets. The Mars rovers program has a Twitter account and so does the Cassini probe around Saturn. Ares, NASA’s next rocket to take astronauts to the moon, has a Twitter account even though it has not been built yet.

NASA has far more Twitter accounts than any other federal agency, said acting public affairs chief Bob Jacobs. He said one reason NASA has been so big on social media is the collapse of the mainstream space and science media that used to cover the space agency.

And of course, there’s the new cool tool factor that appeals to NASA’s inner geek.

«As these emerging tools and technologies come online and start to be adopted, we have a responsibility to see how we can apply them,» Jacobs said.

Jacobs pointed out that the official NASA Twitter on Thursday ranked 12th on the «retweet» list showing people spreading the initial tweets, something that’s important to getting a message across.

But that’s nothing. Astro-Mike ranks fifth.

©2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Astromike Gordon

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